Internal Whitening

Internal tooth whitening is a particular type of teeth whitening treatment that is specially designed for a discolored tooth.  As devitalized teeth have usually undergone root treatment, the missing, light-colored tooth pulp can simply be replaced through an equally light-colored insert.  In addition to this the tooth is bleached "from the inside" using a whitening agent during a process of several stages.  As the whitening takes place gradually, it should be repeated several times in order to achieve exactly the desired whiteness.  Once the result has been perfected, the crown of the tooth is then sealed permanently again.

The process for an internal bleaching involves the insertion of a chemical oxidizing agent into the tooth.  This is accomplished by drilling into the tooth using drills similar to those used for root canals.  The agent is left in the tooth for up to two weeks, and then replaced with more chemicals until the tooth achieves the level of whiteness desired.  Once the series of treatments are complete, the hole is filled, ensuring that foreign matter will not be able to invade the tooth and cause other problems.


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